First Consult

First consults are usually one hour long, during which I will gather as much information as possible from you. Details regarding your medical and dietary history, food preferences, current eating patterns, medication and supplements, goals and recommendations will be discussed.

Your weight, height, waist and hip measurements will be taken. You will be asked to remove your shoes, socks, jacket and any items in your pockets so that we can get an accurate measurement on the scale. Based on the information gathered, blood tests may be required. Therefore your first session may or may not include a meal plan.

Follow Up Consults

In order for me to give you the best support on your health journey, it is vital that you come for a follow up appointment. Follow up consults are usually 30 minutes long.  Here we can make any necessary adjustments to the dietary advice given so that it fits well into your lifestyle. We will tackle any challenges you have experienced and new dietary knowledge and skills will be shared so that you become more empowered in the field of nutrition and make healthier choices more easily.