Road trip? Let’s get you ready!

It might seem easier to eat out regularly however it establishes an unhealthy habit which can prove difficult to break. With a little bit of preparation, eating on the go can be a breeze. Try to eat your meals seated at a table, without any distractions. Avoid eating while you are driving as this can lead to mindless eating and your body will not get a chance to register the meal, therefore leading you to feel hungry and at a higher risk of overeating at the next meal. Drink plenty of water and stop every 2 hours to stretch your legs. This will help prevent blood clots and keep you awake on the road.

Essential tools to have for successful prep:

  • Cooler bag/ electric fridge in car
  • Gel ice packs
  • Water bottle (500ml or larger)
  • Stainless steel or BPA free containers
  • Wet wipes
  • Paper napkins
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Plastic utensils

Options to grab and go

  • Vegetables eg carrots
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Provita
  • Single servings of cheese
  • Fruit: Apples, oranges, peachs, pears
  • Peanuts (1/2 a mini packet has a GL of <5)
  • Seed mix
  • Lean biltong
  • Futurelife smartbar high protein lite (GL of <5)
  • Individual tubs of yoghurt

Snacks requiring some preparation:

  • Muffins (homemade)
  • Popcorn (air popped)
  • Precooked sweet potato
  • Lamb or beef strips or chicken drumsticks
  • Sandwiches/ pita pockets
    • Fillings which freeze well: Canned tuna/salmon, deli meat, sliced cheese, cooked meat, hummus, pesto
    • Fillings which don’t freeze well: Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, apple, grapes, eggs, cottage cheese

Traveling Tips

  • Select hotels which offer a mini fridge in the room
  • Try not to drink your calories therefore opt for water or herbal teas.
  • Think about restaurants which are on the route which you could eat at and what would be the healthier option for you to select at those restaurants.
  • Pack your cooler bag the night before to avoid any frantic rushes if you run late.

Most importantly don’t drink and drive! Enjoy your trip! Leave a comment below sharing your road trip adventures


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