Socialising causing you to lose track?

Year-end parties, Christmas parties, leave from work… all of these events can strike fear in the hearts of many as they think about the calories which will be consumed due to the social pressure associated with these events. However truth be told, there is always some form of social event occurring throughout the year such as a birthday or a wedding etc. Surely there are skills to be learnt to put us in a better stance to handle such? This blog post will examine some of those skills which you can apply at your next social event to ensure you do not go overboard but still get to enjoy yourself because let’s admit it, food is an important component of most social events and the events will simply not be the same without it!

If you know you are going out later, try to have a lighter meal prior to the event instead of skipping that meal altogether. If you do skip you will overindulge at the social event. Don’t feel obligated to eat all the food on your plate, you may feel like you wasting it but in actual fact your body doesn’t need all of it and will be wasting it anyway. Its ok to take a “doggie bag” as restaurant portions are generally larger than what we would ordinarily consume on a daily basis. Slow down when you are eating to give your mind and stomach a chance to register the meal. Look around the table and find the slowest eater and try to eat at their rate or slower. Try to keep something on your plate to avoid the “go have some more, there’s nothing on your plate” from a family member or friend. Try not to drink your calories and opt for water instead.

Limit the amount of times you refill your plate and try to keep only three options on your plate at once. Limit the number of fatty snacks you consume e.g. samosas, spring rolls. If you having fruit juice or cool drink, have ice in your drink so that as it melts it will dilute your drink.

Do not feel tempted to call eating at social events your “cheat” meals. The word cheat has a negative connotation and makes you feel like a cheater and therefore “bad”. Try to apply the nutrition and food skills you have learnt so that you can make wiser choices and feel proud of yourself instead. Enjoy!


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